we provide innovative solutions to expand business across Instagram.

we are not your average agency


Years Service

We’re proud to say that we are now one of the fastest growing Instagram agencies out there. It all started at the beginning of 2016, when we first launched. We have since worked with on some incredible projects, achieving results that we never thought were possible.

As Instagram has changed, so has our agency and we’ve built up the perfect team to be able to offer a completely different kind of service. We are an enthusiastic and creative team, who absolutely love what we do!

With every client, we strongly believe in working with them, rather than for them. As we are an agency who focus on clear communication and top customer service.

“I’ve always found it hard to achieve a higher engagement rate on my content until I started to work with Kickass. I grew by almost 8% in the first week of their services! My photography is finally getting the attention it deserves “

“Since working with Kickass, our engagement rate has gone through the roof! Their extremely high in value services have helped to spread the awareness of our community throughout our local area.”

“ Fantastic service, I’ve seen some great growth over the last few months.“

our skillset

as an agency, we work with a range of clients

60% of the clients that we work with are small to medium sized businesses.
30% of the clients we work with are either influencers or bloggers.
The final 10% of our clients vary from communities to charities to artists.